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Transformation for a shared future

Thursday, 24 October 2019
The Pierre Hotel | New York City

Strategy@Work 2019

Transformation for a shared future

Every organization is eager to find an edge to flourish and sustain its success for as long as it can envision. Leaders aspire to transform innovative ideas into reality. They foster prosperous growth beyond their organizations.

The world is striving for a shared future that is inclusive and sustainable. Such as future calls for a new era of strategy. It calls for a fresh generation of strategists that build a new roadmap of transformation for the new age.

A new era of strategy brings many intricate problems with no easy way to solve them. Leaders across business and policy will gather at the Strategy@Work conference to shed light on some of the most urgent and important issues of our time:

How should organizations ensure sustained investment in exponential technologies and talent development? And how can organizations engage their talent pool? How can they engage and motivate their employees to ensure organizational vitality in the midst of transformation?

How do leaders create a sense of urgency for change and bring everyone together to transform?

What are the key roadblocks and untapped opportunities in cultivating a collaborative culture? How can people get things done, even in times of crisis and under constant change?

Be a part of how organizations shape and transform their shared future together.


Keynotes & Highlights

Transformation… Now a Constant!

Photo of Rick Goings
Rick Goings

Transformation for a Shared Future

Highlights from Strategy@Work 2019

Panel Discussions

Why Transformations are Doomed to Fail

The Art, Science and Design of Dynamic Transformation

Succeeding at Transformations


Using Leading Indicators to Galvanize the Organization

Photo of Rita McGrath
Rita McGrath

The Journey to a Culture of Action

Combining technology, culture and purpose to drive success
Photo of Tiffani Bova
Tiffani Bova

The Future of Money

Photo of Alex Gladstein
Alex Gladstein

How Can Leaders Succeed with Brightline Transformation Framework

Photo of Behnam Tabrizi
Behnam Tabrizi

Disrupt Yourself

Photo of Whitney Johnson
Whitney Johnson

Insights from Speakers and Attendees

What You Need to Know to Lead Successful Transformations

Photo of Scott Kelly
Scott Kelly

What Should Leaders Do in Face of Huge Disruption?

Photo of Behnam Tabrizi
Behnam Tabrizi

What is the Role of a Leader in a Transformation?

Photo of Itamar Kubovy
Itamar Kubovy

What I Learnt From Brightline Transformation Compass

Andreas Enger
Chairman at Posten Norge AS

What are the Top Issues in Transformation in the Digital Age?

Photo of Alex Gladstein
Alex Gladstein

How to Transform for Successful Strategic Alignment?

Photo of Caroline Harper
Caroline Harper

How To Run the Business While You Transform?

Photo of Perry Keenan
Perry Keenan

How to Drive a Customer-Centric Transformation

Photo of Anna Tavis
Anna Tavis

How to be a Transformative Leader

Photo of Rick Goings
Rick Goings

How Leaders Create an Urgency to Transform

Photo of Jim McNerney
Jim McNerney

How has Media Transformed?

Photo of Eileen Benwitt
Eileen Benwitt

How CEOs Can Apply the Brightline Transformation Compass to Transform

Cathy La Tona
Project Management Institute

3 Things I Learnt at Strategy@Work2019

Prashant Kelkar
Chief Strategy Officer, ISG




Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas

Executive Director, Brightline Initiative

Project Management Expert, Author, Venture Capitalist, PMI Past Chair



Breakfast & Registration


Opening Remarks

Avatar of Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas


Keynote: Leading Organizational Transformation


Succeeding at Transformations

Developing and implementing a winning formula for organizational transformation is an ever-growing challenge. Senior leaders need to cope with different interconnected elements. In this panel, a diverse group of leaders will discuss and share successful stories about transforming strategies and approaches to cope with different perspectives through their transformation journeys.

15-Minute Transforming: Using Leading Indicators to Galvanize the Organization

Avatar of Rita McGrath

Rita McGrath


Coffee & Tea Break


Brightline Transformation Framework

Avatar of Behnam Tabrizi

Behnam Tabrizi


15-Minute Transforming: The Journey to a Culture of Action: Combining technology, culture and purpose to drive success

Avatar of Tiffani Bova

Tiffani Bova


Why your transformation is doomed to fail?

Deciding to transform an organization without a clear understanding of its culture is a request for failure. Organizational cultures are powerful; they can contribute to the success of one’s transformation, can slow down one’s transformational progress, or even turn the dreamed future state unviable. This panel will discuss why a relatively undervalued topic is becoming a central Board of Directors conversation.

15-Minute Transforming: Disrupt Yourself

Avatar of Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson




Keynote: Transformation… Now a Constant!

Avatar of Rick Goings

Rick Goings


15-Minute Transforming: The Future of Money

Avatar of Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein


The Art, Science and Design of Dynamic Transformation

In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected global business ecosystem, organizations must maintain a perpetual state of readiness to respond to the unexpected. This panel will explore how leading organizations are applying next-practices to build embed dynamic transformation into their DNA which allows them to sense-and-respond to shifts in real-time.

Coffee & Tea Break


Keynote: Transforming the Unstransformable: A Conversation with Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala


Closing Remarks

Avatar of Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas


Strategy@Night: Experiencing Dynamic Transformation with Pilobolus

Brightline’s People Manifesto asserts that “People form the link between strategy design and delivery; they turn ideas into reality, they are the strategy in motion.” During this interactive experience, with coaching from world-renowned Dance Company Pilobolus, we will put into motion what we have learned on how to transform for a shared future. Come prepared to turn your ideas into action!

The interactive session will last about one hour. A cocktail will be served around 18:00.

Avatar of Pilobolus


The Venue

The Pierre Hotel

Fifth Avenue at 61st Street
New York City, NY
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The Pierre

The Pierre occupies nearly an entire city block on the southeast end of Central Park. In 1981, The Pierre was designated as a historic landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Landmark status recognizes buildings that have a special character, historical or aesthetic interest or value as part of the development, heritage or cultural characteristics of the city.